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The Quit Dipping Papers

A Daily Quit Chewing Tobacco Timeline

As Seen Through The Eyes of a Cold Turkey Quitter

Due to¬†an extremely shameful course of events, I (the creator and author of this website) have been forced to use it to quit chewing tobacco himself. That’s me by the way. After over two years being quit and dip free, I fell off the wagon and hit the ground hard. When I say forced to use this site to quit, make no mistake, there is no one to blame for my chewing tobacco use or my quitting other than me. Only one person put that shit in my mouth, and only one person is responsible for me not putting that shit in my mouth. Me. Honesty and accountability are the first major and essential steps when quitting. I am trying my best to wear both principles the best I possibly can. My cave was bittersweet. For years as I built this site, I had¬†wondered what it would be like to have a real time day to day account of what a quitter went through while they quit chewing tobacco. I wondered how many people that could help. I wondered how attainable that account would make quitting to someone¬†reading it. I often thought that if it even helped one person, it would be a success. As cliche as that is, it’s true. Well, here’s my chance to make that happen and get myself quit all at the same time. My name is Adam, and I am a nicotine addict. This is my website, and these are my stories.

See more about Tobacco Smorkers on pressurebehindeye.org.

It’s quittin’ time…

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you know exactly what I am going through right now. Hell, you might even be doing the same thing in front of your computer. You know it’s time to quit. You know you have to quit dipping. ¬†You’re the only one who can quit, no one can do it for you. And a wise man once told me that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is right now. So here I go… I just flushed my stash. That’s right, everything with nicotine I had in my home or can just wen’t down the toilet. I posted roll call on the forum, and made¬†my promise to not use nicotine today. I will do¬†this every morning, making and keeping that promise as I move forward. I am going to jot down a few reasons why¬†I want to quit so that when times get tough, because they will, I can take a look back and know why I can never give into the nic-bitch again. No matter how strong she cries. Quitters have a tendency of forgetting the reasons they quit chewing tobacco¬†when times get tough. The Reasons I Want To Quit Chewing Tobacco:

  • Chewing tobacco causes cancer, I don’t want cancer. (I have been finding weird bumps in my mouth.)
  • I want to be around for my kids. A dead dad does them no good.
  • I want to be a good role model for my kids, a lying, nicotine addict can slave isn’t what I had in mind.
  • I want to quit lying to my wife about my use. (I know not everyone is a ninja dipper like I am, but I am ashamed of myself.)
  • I don’t want to get cancer, lose my jaw, half my face or worse… lose my life.
  • I want to be able to go on long car rides & trips with my family without worrying about where I am gonna get, and how I’m gonna hide my fix. (This is how nicotine controls me, I pass up on time with my family¬†because I can’t get a dip in front of them at the aquarium.)
  • I want to be in control of what goes into my body,

I will add more reasons as they come to me and I work on this page. 

Day 1 – I’m tired of being a liar. It’s time to quit dipping.

It’s time to quit dipping and get this over with. I quit. I haven’t had one in a few hours and I am starting to feel the suck creep in. We lovingly refer to all of the quitting nicotine symptoms as the suck, because well, that’s the best way to explain them. I know what to expect, and what’s on its way soon. This is going to kick my ass, but it’s time to finally quit chewing tobacco for good. Its time to finally quit dipping, not just stop, and be in control of my addiction. Not the other way around. Because even though nicotine doesn’t alter me like drugs and alcohol, it still controls me when it needs to get it’s fix. I am tired of that. Not only am I a nicotine addict, I am also a Ninja Dipper (I hide my dipping from EVERYONE.) I am tired of the lies. I am tired of worrying about cancer. I am tired of worrying about how I am going to get my fix when I have to hide it from the people I hide it from. I want my kids to have a father who is there, not dead because he chose to not quit chewing tobacco. I want to be a good example, not a nicotine addict. I am rambling because this sucks. But sometimes writing helps when you are quitting smokeless tobacco. More to come. I apologize for how horrible this writing is. I am really not my normally clear minded self today… dipp –¬†day 1

Day 2 – Quitting Chewing Tobacco Sucks Hard.

So here I am, on my second day quit. (It’s pretty early in the morning.) This is a real account of my quit so I am not going to pull any punches here, I actually feel pretty good. But I know that after I have a little breakfast, coffee, and get my day going the suck is going to set in, but for now I feel OK. I know what’s coming, and I am not looking forward to it. I will check in soon.

OK, had a little breakfast and got my Saturday moving along, BAM, I am hit with some of the worst withdrawal symptoms I have ever experienced. I have quit before, and even been stuck a few days without a fix, but this is bad. The most¬†noticeable and hard to deal with is my irritability. I could loose my mind over the smallest thing if I am not¬†careful. I also feel a sore jaw, which is weird but I know it can be a common symptom of quitting dipping. There is a tightness in my chest, I think that’s anxiety. You know what, why don’t I just list them..

Quit Dipping Symptoms I am Experiencing Right Now:
  • Irritability – If I don’t watch myself, I could loose it, especially on those closest to me. My anger/irritability on a scale from 1-10 is a 10.5.
  • Anxiety – Tightness in the chest, a nagging worry, a feeling of impending doom for no apparent reason. Yea… not fun.
  • Cravings – My mind, body and soul craves nicotine right now, hard.
  • Fatigue – I guess I feel a little tired…
  • Inability to Concentrate – It’s a little bit of a fag maybe, I don’t know, that might not be the best way to explain it.
  • Sore tongue and/or gums – It isn’t really my¬†tongue, as much as it is my lower jaw. This feeling makes me really think about the big C (cancer).
  • Itchy Skin – I can’t quit scratching. My back, arms, chest, everywhere. It could be completely unrelated, but I’m experiencing it.
Common Quit Chewing Symptoms I Am Not Experiencing: 
  • Insomnia – Thank the good lord I can sleep while going through this, some aren’t so lucky.
  • Headache – Haven’t had a headache yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if I did get one.
  • Sore throat – Not yet, and I didn’t really get a sore throat the last time I quit. But we will see.
  • Constipation¬†- I have not had my daily BM as of day 2… So I will have to move this one up very soon.
  • Dry mouth – I have been throwing water back, so I am note sure if I am experiencing this or not.

There is nothing fun about this whole quitting dipping thing. But by no means is it impossible or unatainable. I just need to keep my head down, lean into it,¬†push forward and keep gaining ground and traction. I will come out on the other side of this stronger, that’s for sure.

Day 3 – My Third Day Quitting Chewing Tobacco, Hurting.

I am in a lot of pain here on day three. Everything is kind of a blur, and it feels like time is crawling by at a snails pace. My head is foggy. And I am experiencing all of the same withdrawal symptoms that I experienced on day 2. They are just more intense, and sharper. According to everything I read, the nicotine should be out of my system at 72 hours quit, and I should start feeling better. I will keep you posted and let you know. I kept my mind busy most of Sunday afternoon. The

Day 4 –¬†The Nicotine Is Out of My System, But I Still Hurt.

Nicotine out of my system, still experiencing the symptoms.¬†I thought it would be like a magic light switch when the nicotine was out of my body at 72 hours. Definitely not a light switch. All of the withdrawal symptoms are still here. I think I am feeling a tiny little bit better, but it’s hard to tell. I think I might just be getting used to it, and not actually feeling any better.

  • Sleeping well
  • Really hungry
  • Angry at everything
  • Foggy head

Day 5 – In a Bad Place..

I am in a pretty bad place right now, I think that this is just wearing on me. It’s like the ocean, the waves keep lapping up on this old log and it is freaking relentless. I think that I am emotionally exhausted. I feel like I could fall asleep in front of the computer right now. Today was my first day back at work after the weekend, so at least work kept me busy. I just can’t wait till I can say that I quit chewing tobacco, and not that I am quitting dipping.

Day 6¬†–¬†Exhausted.

I am exhausted. Almost too fatigued to write. It’s hard keeping up with this journal because life and this quit seem to be flying by, even though each moment suffering the quitting dip withdrawals is like an eternity.

I still feel all of the withdrawal symptoms, but that are getting lighter and lighter. Almost like the volume is being turned down.

Day 7 –¬†One Week Quit & Seven Day’s Chewing Tobacco Free.

I am in a pretty bad place right now, I think that this is just wearing on me. It’s like the ocean, the waves keep lapping up on this old log and it is freaking relentless. I think that I am emotionally¬†exhausted. I feel like I could fall asleep in front of the computer right now. Today was my first day back at work after the weekend, so at least work kept me busy. I just can’t wait till I can say that I quit dipping, and not that I am quitting dipping.

Day 8 – A Week And One Day.

The work week is almost over, and I am starting to feel a little better I think. The irritability and anger are still there, the cravings and feeling of emptiness are still there. But I know that this is going to be better, I know that I am going to feel better without dip soon. I know that this gets way better, I just know it because I have been there before. So no matter how bad this sucks, I am not going to give up on this quit. I am going to quit chewing tobacco¬†for good and that’s the bottom line. More on this emptiness. Its like I have a hole in my chest that I want to fill. I want to fill it with dip, nicotine, booze, food, whatever I can get my hands on I want it all. I have this insatiable appetite for everything and I think its because I don’t have the dip. I have never felt like this before.

Day 9 – The Nic Bitch.

You know, some will laugh at me for writing or saying this. But quitting dip can feel like loosing an old friend. I am sad, down, questioning myself. Almost like I am going through a period of morning all while craving that poison at the same time. Empty hole in my chest hungry for nicotine, and the nic bitch is trying her last dirty drick of making me feel sad about not having dip. Making me romamtisize it.

Just one more she says. It won’t hurt she says. You can quit right after you have one she says. No one will know she says.

Fuck her.

I am quit. I quit dipping.

Day 10 – Why Am I Doing This?

OK, I am still in pain. Even though the last time I quit  I was in pain for almost two weeks, I though for sure that this would be way better by now. I mean cmon, it has been ten days and I still feel like total hell ran over twice.

So this morning I am passing by the ol’ liquor store when I used to by my dip. And there she is, the old cancer rack. I’ll bet the clerk is wondering what the hell happened to his stocking routine since the have almost 15 extra cans of my brand in the rack from this and last week.

But you know what, I am doing this for me. I am doing this for my kids. I am doing this so that I don’t get cancer and die. I want to be able to wake up on vacation and enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee with my family without having to get my nic-fix. I want to be normal.

That’s why I quit chewing tobacco.

Day 11¬†–¬†Angry & Emotional.

All day I have been extremely angry and emotional. It isn’t really depression, just a sense of loss and sadness mixed with some extreme irritability. I am driving everyone around me up a wall. I am having a really tough time with this, and the weirdest part is that I don’t even crave a dip. I know this will pass and I will feel better soon, that’s why I am quitting dipping for good this time. So that i never have to go through this shit again.

Day¬†12¬†–¬†I think I might be starting to feel better. I Think

Today is the first day that a cup of coffee or lunch didn’t send me into a complete nic-rage. I am feeling alright, still a little cravey but its almost like someone turned the volume down from last week. It’s hard to explain. I mean, it’s easier to write here in this Quit Dipping papers section. I have been working on the site and the forum more, but work had been kicking my a@$ hard. I think it’s time to slow down a little and try to enjoy this feeling good, even though I quit chewing tobacco. I am really hoping that this is where this whole thing breaks, and I start feeling better. I don’t know if I can take much more of this without cracking.

Day¬†13 –¬†Yea, I Think I Am Really Starting To Feel Better.

I changed my avatar on the forum today. I changed it to the pine tree from the An Appeal To Heaven flag. It’s the tree of peace, it is said that the Iroquois burnt and buried¬†their weapons under it. This is where the saying “Bury The Hatchet” comes from, at least that’s what I have read and been told. Quit Dipping Through an Appeal To Heaven It’s time for me to bury the hatchet and find some peace of my own. It’s time for me to quit fighting this and just let it happen. Embrace it and just be quit. I am finally starting to feel better, it has been almost two weeks of shear cold turkey hell, and I am starting to feel normal again. I mean I know this isn’t the end of the road and I know I will be tested hard again. But ¬†I am through the withdrawal, that’s the hardest part for me. I still feel a twinge of cravings now and then, and I still feel a tiny little bit of that emptyness, but it’s a whisper now. It’s almost gone, I can feel it and it’s barely a whisper. I just keep telling myself: There are good days when you quit dipping. There are bad days when you quit chewing tobacco. But the only thing that really matters is that you’re quit.

Day¬†14 –¬†Two Weeks. Fourteen Days¬†Of Freedom.

Well, I was on a high yesterday. I felt good for the first time in a long time, got hit with some serious craves after lunch and then cleared up all evening. It was nice not fiending  for a dip every waking hour. It was real nice.

I woke up around three this morning, couldn’t sleep because it was hot. I was lying there thinking about how great it was to not need a dip first thing in the morning. I felt free. Even though I wanted one on some visceral level, I didn’t “need” one.

I have now been free from dip for two whole weeks. Even if I have a craving, or I show some withdrawal symptoms here and there, I am the one in control now. I mean really, I have been in control of the nic-bitch the whole time I have been quit. It feels good to quit chewing tobacco and be free from nicotine. Even if it hurts a little. It feels good to be the one making the calls.



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